The NEOGLIDE® Advantage

-NEOGLIDE® is American-made and is not commercially available off-the-shelf product foam material. It is a material that we developed in our car washes and by making necessary improvements we created a unique material specially made for the car wash industry. The characteristics of NEOGLIDE® include superior tensile strength for durability, longevity, and enhanced cleaning ability. The NEOGLIDE® material buffs, shines, and rejuvenates the vehicle paint.

NEOGLIDE® durability – NEOGLIDE® is made from 10 lbs versus other foams on the market. The superior tensile strength in the brush fingers results in increased brush-long longevity.

We also utilize a serrated cutting blade to create a better cleaning surface on the finger edge. The disturbed surface of the fingers cleans more efficiently than a clean edge finger.

“Since installing SONNY’S® Ninja Brush we can safely wash any type of rim without any type of worry. The NEOGLIDE® foam Ninja Brush cleans as well as polishes the rim resulting in a terrific shine.”
— Tim Weigel & George Kelly (owners NYACK Car Wash)